Development Prices

Interested in our development services? Check pricing plans below.

Our concept is clear: we provide the highest quality development services for a really competitive price. Partnering with various sized clients we’ve learned what works in specific cases when you do the IT project budgeting. The knowledge we have gained can be applied to your case as well.
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Our project managers will assist you in identifying key needs, aligning them with your business processes and logic behind. The products we create for our clients are aimed to help them become more profitable. Not vice versa.

We are crystal clear in our communication and tend to analyze your business from our IT perspective. If we see that some things, tasks or functionalities you have in mind are not beneficial for you – we communicate our feedback to you clearly. This allows you to make an informed decision and agree together on the final development prices for your current web project.

Urgent Development

We start working on your project immediately. Usually it takes no more than 48 hours between you reaching out and us starting the development.
No minimum project size.
Direct communication to the Developer / PM, i.e. via Skype, JIRA.
Bug reporting using Atlassian Jira browser plugin.
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Planned Projects

We start working on your project as soon as somebody from our team finishes working on the other projects. You might need to wait for two-three weeks till we can start the development.
You need to have a project of no less than 16 working hours.
Direct communication with the Developer / PM, i.e. via Skype, JIRA.
Bug reporting using Atlassian Service Desk
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