Consulting Services

Not sure how business processes can be improved by IT solutions?

What do we mean by ‘consulting’?

The expertise we have can be applied to many businesses. We can help you to:
  • identify your business needs,
  • map them with potential technologies and solutions,
  • analyse alternatives to find the best ROI,
  • identify the best technologies to achieve your goals,
  • manage the project when multiple vendors are working with you.
Each business is unique. A lot of companies have excellent developers who can work with standard requests and tasks. With a business analyst with broad IT knowledge on board, you can be sure that the best-fit solution is suggested to you and the code won’t go to the bin as soon as you start using it.
We see consulting as a way to identify real business needs that can be measured, so the development team can focus solely on the code and design shipping. During the consultancy stage, we communicate to the end client, the stakeholders, analyse external case studies and carry out other information gathering. Having learnt everything there is to know about the subject, we start looking for alternatives. Only then we can come back to the client and say “Tom, your business objectives are A and B. We offer to make C and D so you would achieve growth in A and B. This will cost you X, however, there is an alternative of Y. If you prioritize those actions and decide to start from D, then move on to C, you will eventually save M on the development. M is money that can be directed to your core business activities.”

HubSpot development & maintenance

Tele2 is one of Europe’s fastest growing Telecom operators and the biggest telecommunication company in Lithuania, always providing their customers with what they need for less. Tele2 provides not only fixed and mobile communications, data transmission, cable television and content services but also creates projects and shares necessary information in their marketing campaign. Our latest task was to create a referral system integrated with HubSpot platform to help Tele2 to attract more visitors and close customers providing tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization (SEO).
We gathered all information about their needs to this new platform, made a specified requirements list and helped them to sort out the most important parts to have the best result. Now they have “Inovacijų biuras“- a blog that provides the newest information about technologies and gives many different tips of using it. As we succeeded, our partnership is still going on and we do our best to give them the best advices that meets Tele2 business needs and how it can be improved by IT solutions.

Design consulting & development

Fabula is the leading communication agency in Lithuania. They are orientated in communication marketing, brand storytelling and integrated content marketing. Their main goal is to organize all communication in the best way that meets client needs. Since 2005 Fabula became a part of Hill+Knowlton Strategies – a global public relations consulting company, headquartered in New York City, United States, with 90 offices in 52 countries. The international network has strengthened the agency by providing advanced work methodologies and the opportunity to work closely with Hill&Knowlton in Latvia and Estonia, Finland and Germany.
As well as Brussels, London, Shanghai and Dubai. In turn, it helped the network to become the undisputed leader in the Baltic region’s public communications market. This company seeks for the best result as well as we do, our goal was to help them with Front-end developments. It means to create the best web-design that pays customer’s attention and helps to reach business goals as much as it is possible. Also, we are always ready to consult them in making custom technology decisions.

Business processes analysis for Road Building company

Estina is a full service web development and integration company located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Their client provides Road Building and Landscaping services for public and private sector clients in Lithuania. Our task was to gather the information about business processes and activities and to prepare the technical and functional requirements for a new management system. Expectations were set to have a wire-frames based prototype that covers business processes. We agreed to have CRM, Warehousing, Payroll management, Employees time tracking modules. We analyzed finger print readers and paired API documentation to cover the employees work track in remote objects.We succeeded because of the great relationship we had with the end client. We prioritized their business growth and only then looked if/how IT solutions could help them to grow. Intensive meetings and in-office analysis let us know the current situation in various departments and how inner business processes were organized.
On a next phase together with the management team we identified the future growth plans, current bottlenecks, money losses. Last we started building wireframes. We chose this deliverable so the end client would have a fast and effective way to review our recommendations and would have a hands on experience before the costly development is finished. We were glad to know that the client was involved into the process much. Involvement of all level employees illustrated that the right approach method was chosen. With the end client confirmed wanted deliverables, finger print readers chosen it was easy for Estina to evaluate the needed development tasks and to set the scope. Attention to the details and business processes let us to prioritize modules, have a long term roadmap and to save money for the end client. Savings were made in sub-contracting, employees time tracking (and payroll), public buying’s, knowledge management.
Gintas Balčiūnas – COO at Estina
Vytenis together with his team was providing the best consulting services ever. He got a really close contact with the client and top it with his experience in IT. For us it was really easy to get understanding of the clien business needs and current processes.